The California King Palm Tree Floor Lamp is a celebration of living and creating in Los Angeles for almost two decades. The palm tree is as much a sculpture as it is a floor lamp. The body is made of brass, both spun and hand-sculpted, then patinated in black and high polished. The six 42 inches long, handcrafted fronds are mirror polished brass. They can be interchanged to give variation to the overall look of the tree. The hand texturized coconuts open for easy bulb accessibility and are complete with ceramic sockets allowing up to 200W each. Remote LED color changing bulbs can add a dramatic effect and then be changed back to white for a more minimal feel. The black fabric covered cord is equipped with a foot floor dimmer switch.

Also available in stainless steel and nickel plated brass.

7′ H x 52″ W dimensions variable.

Edition of 8 + E.P.

Made in L.A.

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